Gaudi's secret: reading, learning challenges & fun

Linguistic competence is certainly one of the pillars of the education of our children. On the other hand, the integration of technology in people’s life has been one of the most important features for the last years. Technology is here to stay and help people.

Considering all this iDidactic has the pleasure to present Gaudi’s Secret App, an app in which reading comprehension is fundamental. iDidactic team has designed this app which integrates the qualitative elements of digitalization in the following fields:

1- Reading Comprehension
2- Stimulation of Creativity
3- Problem solving
4- Gamification
5- The use of iPads at home in a family environment and at school.


The main characteristics of Gaudi’s Secret are:

A customized reading experience. Digitalization allows more personalized approaches, both in the structuring of knowledge as well as in the way in which the user can interact with it. Gaudí’s Secret allows the user to choose the names of the main characters thus increasing  the motivation  through the reading process and the interaction through the app.

Learning through playing is one of the principles any teacher or educator must take into account in their praxis. In Gaudi’s Secret, all the games are contextualized within the story since gamification gives children the opportunity to achieve different goals through playing that go beyond having fun.


Content Organization. The organization and the design of the app are divided in 4 stages, with the corresponding comprehension challenges and helping children, families and teachers to do a proper and satisfactory use of the app.

Stimulation of creativity and imagination. Through this app, children have the chance to discover and interact with the most important works of one of the most remarkable genius of architecture, Antoni Gaudí. The characters in the story will have to overcome different obstacles and a lot of adventures that take place in La Sagrada Família, Park Güell and La Pedrera.

Interdisciplinary. Gaudí’s Secret is an app which contains the key elements of basic competences. That is, children have to solve logical, maths, musical, linguistic and spatial challenges through the reading process.

Learning while having fun. Gaudí’s Secret has been created so that children can have a good time while learning. Learning situations are invisible and the dynamics of the app are similar to an adventure. Furthermore, the app has a scoring system to encourage and motivate children to improve and repeat the challenges in it.

iDidactic has also created an official website of Gaudí’s Secret in order to facilitate the exploration of the app before downloading it and making people aware of the educational potential of the app thanks to the guide for parents. You can download Gaudí’s Secret clicking on the image below.

Thank you for your confidence in iDidactic.

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